You're invited to attend our four part Nutrition Webinar Series with Ali Miles. Over the course of the 4-Part Webinar Series, Ali will empower both you and your teenagers with the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to optimise their health, wellbeing, and performance.

In this series, we will explore key aspects of performance nutrition including:

  • The profound impact of nutrition on sports, academics, and daily life.
  • How to build a strong nutrition plan that aligns with study, training, and lifestyle choices.
  • How to enhance concentration, productivity, and overall performance with plenty of practical tools and insights.
  • Strategies for orchestrating mealtimes, nourishing your family with healthier options, and balancing busy schedules with ease.
  • Exploring how to foster positive body image and nurture self-esteem during adolescence.

You can purchase access to view the webinars from this series from this page https://events.humanitix.com/nutrition-webinar-series-with-ali-miles-purchase-video-access.


Webinar 1: Fuel your Goals

This is a fun and interactive online seminar to give knowledge, practical information, and tips on fuelling your goals as growing and developing teens! Together, we will learn the impact of under fuelling on your performance in sport, school, and life.

Overcome the comparison game and eat with confidence knowing that you have your own individual and unique fuelling requirements. You fuel YOU!

Have confidence in building a strong nutrition plan that adapts to your study, training and lifestyle choices and feel relaxed knowing how to time your meals and snacks around your daily commitments to keep you happy, healthy, and high performing.

Webinar 2: Fuel your Focus

Join us as we explore ten nutrition tips that support your teen’s concentration, productivity, and performance. This session aims to empower parents with practical nutrition insights to help their adolescents thrive academically and develop lifelong skills for success. From the importance of BREAK-fast and managing exam nerves to gut health insights, you’ll leave equipped with the knowledge to fuel your teen for success in school and beyond.

Webinar 3: Fueling Busy Families

This webinar has been created with busy families in mind and will help you feel more organised around mealtimes, serve your family healthier food, and spend less time in the kitchen. Walk away knowing our top tips to feed your family better, including managing busy schedules as well as fussy eaters. You are in the right place if you’re a parent and you need practical strategies to decrease your mental load and set your teen up for success!

Webinar 4: Fueling Body Confidence

This session aims to provide knowledge, practical advice, and insights on fostering a positive body image at home during adolescence. We explore the significance of promoting positive body image and why encouraging non-dieting behaviours in relation to food and exercise plays a pivotal role in preventing the development of eating disorders. We also explore what makes all our bodies unique and look at the impacts of social media and comparison on the way we perceive ourselves. The session emphasises the power of positive role modelling, reducing appearance-based talk and guidance on how to effectively address a teen’s self-criticism or negativity, whether directed towards themselves or others.

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Ali Miles is an advanced sports dietitian living on the Mornington Peninsula, and a mum of three multi-sport kids/ teens.

Professionally, Ali’s area of expertise and passion is in the field of elite performance nutrition. Over the past 20+ years, she has worked with many of Australia's elite athletes and teams across both Olympic and professional sports.

More recently, Ali has turned her focus towards educating Australia's youth as well as their parents, coaches, and teachers. Her aim is to foster happy, healthy humans by empowering them to fuel their goals in sport, school, and life beyond.

Fuel School is a sports nutrition hub for teenage athletes who are motivated to take their performance to the next level with nutrition

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